Daiya - Moon Astronaut

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Daiya - Moon Astronaut.

This seldom seen astronaut was made in Japan by Daiya in the early sixties. Driven by a windup motor with walking action, lifting arms/gun with "ak ak " sound and stunning artwork on the box.

I found this astronaut in Milano on a toyshow some time ago. The previous owner had the toy as a kid and told me the astronaut was stored away for over 45 years.  The storage caused some waterdamage to the original box.

The condition of this astronaut is excellent and some minor waterdamage to the feet ( see pictures ) is keeping the astronaut from higher grading. The litho is bright and you can see the robot was not much been played with and spent most of its life in the original box.  The astronaut works fine and strong with all the actions, walking and lifting gun. no flaws to mention here.

The box is original and not often seen with this astronaut. The front of the box really survived well but the time in storage with some moist made the box fragile. There are several clear tape repairs mostly on the inside of the box. There are some fractions missing in 2 of the sidepanels.
Overal the box can be graded as good to very good condition and is original. 

Together a strong and scarce combination that is, i believe, the first time in my collection.

Extremely hard to find astronaut with original box !

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