Linemar - Space Platform

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Linemar Toys - Space Platform with Realistic Spaceman

Of course the path that brought me to this rare and scarce toy lies again in Italy.. where else :) !
A good friend of mine in Milano found it for me in a small collection of Robots and Spacetoys.  
I had seen this toy once in all my years of collecting but it was always missing the astronaut and that was not different for this example.

Space Platform was made in Japan in the early sixties under the license of Linemar Toys.  Not sure who the original manufacturer was for this toy but I believe its Nomura, but not sure about that.

The Toy is absolutely fabulous and I really can imagine how it would feel as a child to find this one under the christmas tree... wow !

The platform is battery operated with a lot of gizmo`s.. here we go:  First there is of course mystery bump and go action and spacesound but there is more... On top of the platform you can see the engine running and the pistons of the engine pump up and down.  There is a tower with a rotating antenna and also a tower with a blinking light...fantastic toy to see in action.

On top of the platform a Realistic Spaceman is in control.
THe condition of this Space PLatform is excellent to near mint. Besides the Spaceman, all parts are original and the toy is complete and fully functional. On the inside is a small corrosionspot but that is about all to mention on this one. The spaceman is a professional made reproduction.
The Platform comes with its original box with fantastic artwork. The box is excellent to near mint and has the original insert as well.

An absolute rare and scarce spacetoy that is seldom seen in the market... For me this is the very first one I was ever been able to lay my hand on...

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