Gakken - Moon Patrol Radio Controlled

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"Steer this moonship without wires, up to 50 feet away !" This is how this spaceship was advertised in 1967. Gakken Moon Patrol is one of the FIRST Remote controlled spaceships. (Allthough there was allready a remote controlled robot ( Radicon Robot ) build by Masudaya in 1958). This beautifull spaceship comes with flashing lights, enginelights and an astronaut in control that follows the directions of his ship. There is a remote control with a single button. Pressing this button changes the direction of the Moon Patrol so that you can actually steer it. The big antenna give Moon Patrol a nice look and for the first time there is an antenna on a spacetoy that really works :)

Gakken Moon Patrol comes complete with instruction manual, Remote control, antenna, box and inserts. All original. The toy has been hardly played with and is in excellent near mint condition and of course its fully operational. All funktions work as they did more then 40 years agoo. No rust, dings and only very very light playwear.

Scarce and almost impossible to find in complete, original and working condition. Gakken Moon Patrol is the perfect addition for any spacetoy collection. Not to be missed...