Nomura - Lunar 7

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Nomura - Lunar 7

This rocket is based on the more common battery operated solar x -7 rockets and the scarcer X-8 rocket. For some reason I always liked these rockets and I have most of them in my collection since the start... however... the Lunar 7 was always a 'pain in the ass" rocket... 

I could buy one in Germany some years ago but missed that one... never saw one since than untill last month, in december 2016.. i located one overhere in Holland ;)

Lunar 7 is a rare and scarce rocket that is really seldom seen in the market. I can not remember i ever saw one for sale on ebay or in an major auction.

Other than its brothers and sisters, this lunar 7 rocket is friction powered and not BO just like the others. it can roll forward and with a push on the button, the wings fold out.   The litho is the best in this series.. period !

The condition of this rocket is excellent. all original and complete and the rocket is fully functional with friction and popping out wings.   only some light playwear is all to mention.   a fantastic example of this VERY hard to find rocket !

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