Yonezawa - Space Car ( second version )

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Yonezawa Space Car Second version

Let me first explain some important information about this car. This car was made in TWO variations. The first variation had a static robothead with a blowing mechanism that hoovers a ball. this version did NOT had the vertical fin. The second version ( this one ) does have a moving robot head and came with an vertical fin in the blowing unit. The first version had a more dark blue color, the second verion had lighter blue litho.

This Robot Space Car, build by Yonezawa in Japan in the late 1950`s (1958) is one of the most searched for space toys. It features terrific actions like stop and go action, a Robby like robot behind the steering wheel, flashing lights, a lever which can be used to shift the car into its first gear and a blowing system to keep a  floating satellite in the air that can be adjusted in 2 steps. Please take a look at the great litho and creative building of this awesome space car. Also the artwork on the box is great and imagine you found such a toy under your Christmas tree….WOW

I found this treasure Italy a couple of years ago ( I believe it was 2012. The car was part of a huge robot and spacetoy collection. It did not came with the box, I added the reproduction box later. I still remember the owner did his very best to find the original box and the vertical fin and as of today ( 2016 ) I am still waiting for his call that he found them :)

The overall condition of this robot car is excellent and the space car has been gently played with. There is some light wear but the car really survived time very very well. The batterycompartment is clean. 
The car works fine and strong with driving action, light, the robots head moves from left to right and also the blowing mechanism works fine. no flaws to mention on this one.  Absolute stunning example of this very hard to find toy.   As mentioned before, the vertical fin that should go with this Space Car is Missing. I believe reproductions excist but i have never looked after it as I was waiting for the past 4 years for the previous owner to find it with the box... it never happend.

A very rare and scarce spacetoy that does not show up that often in this condition. The box is a professional made reproduction of the original box ( first version box by the way. I believe this second version had a slightly different box with the vertical fin shown with the toy )

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