S&E - Planet Cruiser U.N. 751

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Planet Cruiser U.N 751 Made in Japan by S&E is in fact the wrong name... its SPACE EXPLORER ( updated 15th of June 2012 )

Here is the story so far:
First here below you will find some information of this toy BEFORE i had a BOXED ( yes you read it well: BOXED example in hands :)

I saw a lot of strange and scarce spacetoys during the past years and I talked to many collectors with huge collections but I never found such a strange spacetoy as this S&E Planet Cruiser U.N. 751 As far as I know there are only 6 excisting examples known at this moment. This Cruiser was made in Japan by S&E (Suzike and Edwards)  in Japan in the year 1957. The colour and litho is very strange ( purple ) and absolutely uncommon for a spacetoy made in this timeframe.

Planet Cruiser U.N. 751  features stop&go action, swiveling and blinking lights and it emmits smoke from the tailsection. There is a tinmade astronaut in control under the plastic dome. The purple litho is very rare and beautifull to see, not like any other spacetoy. There is no box as nobody has ever seen the box for this toy so far !


Well, surprise surprise and guess what crossed my path some weeks agoo: a space explorer made by S&E with a nice box.

I was so excited as nobody ever had seen the box before, well here it is in full glory and even in near mint condition along with a mint toy but who cares about the toy, its the BOX  !!! whoaaaaa

For the moment I dare to state this is the ONLY boxed example on this planet...Extremely rare and scarce spacetoy.
and look at the box... wow ! isnt it a dish...  Enjoy

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