Robot House - Universal Studios Monsters Prototypes

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Robot House - Universal Studios Monsters Prototypes.
The brand Robot House is about all that connects these prototypes with Robots or maybe the fact that they are build on the same platform as many windup robots that were produced in the early nineties in Japan.

These Monsters however are a different story with the same roots as our beloved robots so here we go with the ins and outs of these toys...

In fact these all can be linked to Mr. Shinji Miyazawa. He passed away in 2013 and left a real treasure of robots, toys, blueprints, samples and prototypes behind.
His father was the founder of Marumiya Inc. This company was active already in the early fifties and they designed and made robots and spacetoys for Horikawa, Yonezawa, Daiya, Nomura and many other brands.

When Shinji Miyazawa retired he had his own workshop at home and still designed robots and toys for other companies. 
These 5 Universal Monsters also came from his hand. Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon and Mummy are the five monsters that were made in the late eighties. 
These 5 toys are all accompanied by their original handmade and handpainted prototype. 4 of them are actually working, the fifth one, (Creature ) is massive made and does not have a mechanism inside.

Made out of tin, brass and the heads and hands are molded. The prototypes are handbuild and completely handpainted. Its very cool to see that the prototypes are MUCH more detailed than the final products.. Its amazing to see the effort and work that was put into making a prototype that could be used to produce the final toys...

Absolute unique and all one of a kind prototypes that are accompanied by the final produced toy with the original box. Again a complete story of robot and tintoy history in optima forma... 

unique, ultra rare and scarce and the only prototypes for these toys that excist. Robot House made in total 5 Monsters...the serie is complete with ALL five Prototypes of these Monsters and the original final products and come with the original drawings and blueprints

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