Yonezawa - Moon Robot Ribbon Head

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Yonezawa - Mechanical Moon Robot / RibbonHead Robot

The official name of this robot is Mechanical Moon Robot but better known as RIBBON HEAD robot. Made in 1961 by Yonezawa in Japan.
As one of the many robby the robot variations this scarce robot is highly sought after and that has a reason. 

In action this robot is simply fantastic. When wound up, the robot starts to walk forward with sparks and special rotating "ribbons" in his head. Awesome action that can only be found in this robot. I have not seen this technique used in other robots.

Moon Robot is one of the bigger windup robots and is hard to find in complete ( read dome ) and good working original condition. Also the ears and hands are often missing and replaced. The box shows fantastic artwork but is not available for this example, it comes without the box.

the condition is excellent to near mint and besides the worn out flint ( no sparks anymore ) and 2 stresscracks in the original dome, there is not much else to mention. The dome has the 2 original golden screws as well.

The robots condition is simply fantastic, original hands, ears and dome and the robot has never been taken apart. He works fine and strong, clockwork mechanism works fine and strong and the robot walks perfectly as well. As mentioned before there are no sparks. The flint needs to be replaced for that but i would not recommand this. The robot was never opened before and i would leave it this way !

Very very hard to find robot in this excellent to near mint condition. Only very light playwear and some scuffs are keeping it from higher grading. ALL original and complete robot it perfect working condition. 

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