Taiyo - Wheel a Gear Robot

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Taiyo - Wheel a Gear Robot.

I have NO idea why this robot is so dammned hard to find. I would say that wheel a gear and blink a gear robots were both produced and sold in the same quantities but for some reason its always the blink a gear you see around, never the wheel a gear.

I think, but not sure, that wheel a gear was the first version. The mechanism is more complex and the rubber band was not the best way to drive the wheels inside the body. I think the wheel a gear was replaced quickly by the blink a gear, less action and less problems with the gears.

I had the Japanese box version for some time empty on my shelves and finally last summer I was able to locate a nice robot that could fit inside the box.

Wheel a gear robot is special in many ways. Its a hybrid between tin and plastic parts. legs and arms are plastic, body is tin... because of the fragile legs not that many survived time complete and working The legs have a weak point at the connection inside the body and legs are mostly broken there.

This example is in excellent hardly played with condition. The robot is complete and all original, never been taken apart. The plastic legs and arms are perfect, no cracks or breaks. The frontplate is free of cracks and the robot is in working order. The rubber band hardened out and prevent the wheels from spinning. I would not open the robot for this. Its hard to find a perfect rubber band of exact the same size.

In action this robot walks forward with lighted headlight and his eyes "look" up and down. Inside his body there is red and green light and the wheels spin rapidly. Clean batterycompartment. The robot shows some playwear but overall condition is way above avarage.

Even better is that the robot is accompanied by a seldom seen original Japanese box !  THe box is excellent, has some internal repairs but front is perfect, very very rare box for this robot.

Together with the robot a very rare and scarce combination that you will probably never see again for years. Made in Japan by Taiyo.

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