Modern Toys - Space Explorer Ship X-7

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I don`t know why, but Flying Saucers still give me a special feeling. Maybe its just because they didn`t ever excist, and are created by human (japanese) minds. You are looking at the "mother" of all flying saucers, the X-7 Space Explorer. This type of saucer is copied many many times and excist in all kind of forms, used materials and colours but this is to be believed the base for all those copies. 

Made in the late 1950`s by Masudaya in Japan, this all tin made (except the vinyl head of the astronaut) flying saucer comes with mystery bump&go action, flashing lights in multiple colours, spacesound and a revolving tinmade astronaut in control. The central dome is typical for this type of flying saucers and it would grow bigger in the 1960`s and even bigger in the 1970`s. The first saucers however were all made out of lithgraphed tin. In later versions (like this one) the autronaut was given a vinylhead or was made totally out of plastic. Much later the bottom was also made of plastic and Tin was almost not used anymore.

This X-7 Space Explorer is in pristine original and working condition and has been hardly played with considering the few light scratches. The dome is clear and has only very light wear. There is no rust, there are no dings and the battery compartment is clean.

Modern Toys Spaceship X-7 is much searched for by collectors and very hard to find in this near mint condition with original box.