Horikawa - Razer Spaceman

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Metal House / Horikawa - Razer Spaceman.

This somewhat mysterious Robot was made by Metal House in Japan, probably in the early seventies. Metal House, former Miyazawa, made and designed for several subcontracters like Horikawa, Daiya, Nomura and Yonezawa.

Its unsure if this robot ever went into production and like i stated before, a lot of unknown questions and rumors surround this awesome robot.

what remains is the thing what its all about: a robot in optima forma.All is there, the looks, BIG antenna, guns, lights and walking action.  The robot is made out of plastic with a remote control. The remote powers the robot and in action the robot walks with spinning antenna. The second button powers the guns that fire at will with 4 barrels, and loud ratata sound.

Awesome artwork on the box, a extremely rare and absoute scarce robot of which only a few are known to excist. I really doubt if this robot was ever taken into production and its very well possible that this robot is one of a handfull of sample robots or salesman samples.

The condtion of this treasure: Near mint to mint robot with excellent to near mint box. The robot is absolute in prestine and original condition, no flaws to mention. The robot works fine and strong and comes with the original antenna as well. The box is perfect complete and has no damage tears or repairs. Only thing to mention is that the front show a bit discoloring... colors faded a bit, probably caused by putting the box to long in direct sunlight. The box has all the original inserts.

Extremely rare and scarce robot that is never seen in the open market.  This will be probably your ONLY change to lay your hands on this robot.

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