Alps - Moon Explorer

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Alps - Moon Explorer

This impressive robot is part of the legendary Alps " Gang of Three"
Besides this impressive robot there is Rocketman in Space armor and Missile Robot.

The robot is made in Japan in the early sixties and i believe this was the first one that Alps produced. Made out of tin and plastic parts with amazing action, clock that rotates, blinking eyes, ears, moving pistons, swinging arms and walking with real robot sound. 

One of the best robots Japan ever produced in the golden age. These Moon Explorers are extremely hard to find in good working condition. Because of a factory flaw, the clock got stuck and damaged the inside mechanism. Therefore, only go for perfect working examples, repair of these robots is hard and costly.

This example was part of a big collection robots and spacetoys that I bought over the years in Bari / Italy. The condition of this robot is excellent to near mint and I think this is the best example and best looking one I ever had BUT... there is some light corrosion in the batterycompartment and some slight corrosion around this area as well, really a pitty because it keeps the robot from beeing near mint to mint ! Original antenna, perfect clock, no cracks or whatever !

The batterycompartment can be replaced by a normal television spaceman example because they share the same battery compartments. I decided not to do this because the robot is untouched. I will leave this to decide to the new owner.

The robot works fine and strong and is really a beauty with deep gloss...

Hard to find in ANY condition... Scarce Robot ! Must have Robot !


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