Bullmark - Godzilla

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Bullmark - Godzilla

Robots and Spacetoys... but there is more to discover and I realized this when I found this awesome tin / batteryoperated toy: Godzilla. Made in Japan by Bullmark in the late sixties. This imposant battery operated toy is made out of lithographed tin. Both the box as the toy are out of this world, amazing artwork and great action. 
The Godzilla walks forward with waving claws, screeming like a T-rex and opening / closing mouth, all powered by a remote control that takes 2 c-cells by the way.

The condition is near mint and so is the box, no flaws to mention. The toy works fine and strong as the day it was made. The artwork on the original box is amazing and a small piece of toyart :-)

Bullmark made some other variations as well but this example with this box is difficult to find, rare and extremely scarce toy.
Not a robot this time but I can assure you, it fits PERFECTLY in a robot and spacetoy collection... Finally some real competition for my robots on the shelves :)

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