VST - X-18 Robby Planet Destroyer ( VST 1010 )

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X-18 Robby Planet Destroyer  ( VST 1010 )

Hunting down robots and spacetoys is fun to do and somethimes you run into toys, or part of toys that have potential. A couple of months agoo an almost perfect flying saucer crossed my path but unfortunately it was not complete. Aoshin Flying saucer but only the base was left. The saucer had all the original parts inside, the mechanism was complete but the rocket platform with the robot were missing. 

Perfect for an awesome new project. I bought the remains of the saucer and brought it to my workshop where I put it on a shelf to think what to make of it. I tried some constructions and than my eye fell on a spacetank from masudaya, the start was there ! :)
I took the tank apart and the Missile Platform fitted perfectly on the saucer, it just all matched, the size, the colors and shape, it simply matched.  I also found the remains of a Robby on a Studebaker and used the Robby Robot to control the missiles. 

The arms were taken from a Yoshiya Pilot as well as the airtanks. Normally a Robot does not need airtanks but in this construction he DOES :) !

I made the mechanism working again, installed a special yellow bulb inside robbies head, and connected the light to the original blinking mechanism inside of the saucer.
The Missile Platform had to be adjusted as well because the Masuday Tanks mechanism triggers the release mechanism for the rockets from beneath.
I made 2 levers at the back of the platform with "touch switches" When you touch the levers, the rockets are fired from the platform. The saucer has mystery bump and go action that still works perfect and in action the saucer hoovers around with mystery bump and go action, flashing lights and rockets ready to be launched.

Robby Planet Destroyer has been build from all original robot and spacetoy parts from the fifties and sixties. Brands that contributed are: Aoshin, Nomura, Yoshiya and Modern Toys. All original Japanese Parts. 

the condition is excellent and the saucer works fine and strong with all the actions as described here above. Expecially the saucer base and the robot are extremely rare and scarce parts that are never found in the open market.

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