Meccano - Meccano Robot - Red / Green variation

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For me there is still a lot to find out about these robots but I have to start somewhere :-)  I found this one recently in the USA. The robot was more "dead than alive" when I found him. There was no bold that was not loose and it looked like he was used for a tabacco commercial or at least somebody tried how much a nicotine a Meccano robot could take before he "died" :-) 
Also it looked like the robot was a donor for bold and screws because he was missing many of them....

There was only ONE thing that I found interesting when I saw the robot for the first time... and that was the part that he looked COMPLETE and Original as well !

I allready owe a similar robot in Blue/gold that is currently in a museum for an exhibition so I know allready a bit where to look at. I decided to buy this robot and after 3 months... ( yes he was on the road for a very long time ) He finally arrived here, more dead than alive but he finally made it to the Netherlands :)

The robot was a mess, everything was loose and it was a miracle that the robot still looked like one. I started to take the robot apart section by section, clean the parts, and put it back together with some help of original drawings and paperwork. The whole process took much more time than I expected but after a couple of weeks work, the robot was finally a ROBOT again in its former glory.

The only thing the robot was missing were 2 shoulderpads, which I took and "borrowed" from the backpanel. I placed to newer red panels there... further a couple of new bolds were used because there were missing many. I located all the new bolds to the backpanel of the robot and used all the original ones for the rest of the body. 

The mechanism is still to let the robot walk is complete, original and present as well. the original engine is still there, tested and still works. All the gears and chains are there as well and also the original on/off switch.

You can see that the robot had a touch life and the meccano parts all show wear but... the robot is complete again, original and can last again for at least 100 years !

As far as I know this robot was made in the early fifties, maybe its even older. The robot was a complete kit and could only be build as a robot, probalbly used for store display. Most of the parts are specificly made for beeing a meccano robot.

Ultra rare and scarce robot that leaves NOTHING to the imagination...Its a robot in its PUREST Form !

Not many of these survived.. Impossible to find robot from the golden age...

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