Nomura - Tetsujin T-28 Flying Saucer

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Nomura - Tetsujin T-28 Flying Saucer

One thing is for sure... Tetsujin does not need a dome to fly around in his flying saucer :-) Not that the toy misses the dome, there never was a dome for this saucer. Made in Japan by Nomura ( TN ) in the mid sixties but I am not sure about the exact date. I think its 1964 but like I stated, not sure about that.

Another thing is for sure...the toy is ultra cool, ultra rare and scarce and its one of the best flying saucers that i ever saw in the saucer scene..This one is UBERcool. The litho is awesome and Tetsujin sitting there in front of the rear engine is out of this planet. I hunted this saucer for years and now its finally here.

The saucer is powered by a friction engine that still works fine. The condition is excellent and only a minor spot of paintloss on the top of the saucer is keeping it from higher grading. There is only some light playwear but overall condition is excellent +
Hey, who cares... not many of these survived so its a miracle I could lay my hands on one. Enjoy the pictures, this is THE thing. !!! Flying saucer with T-28 Gigantor / Tetsujin....

Extremely rare and scarce saucer to find in any condition !

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