Horikawa - Mr. Hustler

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Horikawa - Mr. Hustler

On my trip through Italy last winter I found this Horikawa Mr Hustler in fantastic condition. The robot was sold on a local market in Rome where it was accompanied by 4 other Horikawa robots which I will picture and list later. All 5 robots were in excellent to near mint condition and only thing I had to do is test and picture them...

Mr Hustler is a great robot / astronaut and he would be even better when he was produced with a robothead instead of an astronauthead but unfortunateley Horikawa never produced this awesome robot with a robothead, what a pitty :-) At least this is what I always had learned but I`ll be dammned... I found pictures of a Mr. Hustler WITH a robothead, made for the Japanese market. This Mister looks way cooler with a robothead though ! :)

Mr. Hustler, made by Horikawa in Japan in the late 1960`s ( 1968 ) is a rare robot. First of all its not a robot but an astronaut. Second there are no hidden guns, third, he moves in 2 speeds, and final, he is able to move his arms but NOT as other robots forwards and backwards but in and out as if he is taking a breathe with ever step he makes. His chest is decorated with awesome litho and behind the orange clear glass there is a light turning around. Spectecular to see this robot in action.

He atomaticly switches to first and second gear, so he walks slow and the suddenly fast and the slow again and so on. His arms go in and out all the time.

The condition of this robot is excellent to near mint.  There is some light playwear and a few minor scratches but that is about all there is to mention about this robot. Never been messed with before, a complete and crackfree batterycompartment.... you will have a hard job to upgrade this one ! 

It will be a masterpiece in any robot collection. The robot works perfectly with all the actions ( 2 speed actions both work fine ), walks great

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