Haji - Batman X-Ray Explorer ( VST - 1001 )

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Once upon a time in the Netherlands there were creators of robots and spacetoys and as the dutch always were pioneers it seems to be in our blood, I dont know how else to describe it. I worked last year on Robby R-10 VW Beetle Space Patrol and this year some new creations were born. 

You are looking at Batman X-Ray Explorer made by Haji in Japan. As we allready saw a Volkswagen with Robby  in outer space, there is help now by a Ford Fairlane, driven by Batman and in function of making X-rays from planets in outer space :) cool or what !!  

This all tinmade car is friction driven with lights in the BIG X-ray Gun to make sure all planets and aliens are X-rayed ! The car is an original Ford Fairlane made in Japan by Haji in the early sixties. Also the Gunparts and batman are original Japanese and are fitted into the car as if they always belonged there. The car is in excellent and working condition, no rust or any other damage and it works fine. The X-Ray Gun lights up while Batman makes his shots.

Haji - Batman X-Ray Explorer is an unique and limited Spacetoy from the Sixties a piece in a series of 1 out of 1. This is the only Batman X-Ray Explorer on this planet :)
Exclusive made and signed  by VST ( VST 1001 ) and comes with a certificate.

CFP:  Contact me For Price     at     boogo.nl@gmail.com