Yonezawa - Jupiter Robot

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Yonezawa - Jupiter Robot

Its amazing that Italy is still the place to be to find these rarities. This year, 2016 I was again in Italy, Orvieto ( region Umbrie ) and one of my contacts there pointed me on this awesome robot. after 2 days of negotiation and sending some money to somebody i never met, I was able to bring this treasure back home :)....

Yonezawa Jupiter Robot is a hybrid robot, a crossing between Mr Robot and Mr Mercury so the robot should at least be called Mr Jupiter ! :) and nopes he can NOT bend, nopes he can not grab things and let them go... There is only ONE button on the remote and that can be used to let the robot walk, with some rotating internals inside his head and swinging arms, just like Mr Robot.

who IS this robot .... ?? Well, its Jupiter Robot, made by Yonezawa in the early sixties. At first sight you think tis a Mr Mercury but when you look further you miss the Mr Mercury head. Also his clasping Claws are missing. No, this robot Only has the Mr Mercury body, he got the hands from the Talking robot and the head from Mr. Robot, all Yonezawa Products.

The result however is one of the most rare, scarce and looked for robots in the world. If there was a Top 5, this robot would defently have a place in it.

There are only a handfull of these known to excist and I even wonder if this robot was really produced. Maybe they made some as as salesman example, and out of those only a few survived ? We probably will never know. Besides the fact I can not remember this robot was ever in a catalog, The robot was also not a real value to play with. It could walk with some light in its head just like Mr Robot and that was about it.

Whatever the story behind the robot may be... Fact is that this robot scored many records in auction. Jupiter Robot is one of the most searched for robots from the Golden Age. Unbelievable Rare and Scarce Robot in any condition. For all the collectors out there, this robot does not need any further introduction ( allthough most of us never saw this robot in real :)

The condition of this Jupiter Robot is excellent. The robot shows some playwear as you can expect from a beeing played with vintage robot. Some light scratches throughout the body but all minor. All parts are there, no flaws to mention and the robot works perfect. 100 % original dome , wire and remote. A fantastic rare robot that is missing in most collections.

If you are looking for THE robot of the golden age, than look no further. an absolute member of the top 5 rarest robots on this planet..Extremely rare and very scarce robot.

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