Yoshiya - Commander Atomic Constructor

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Ahum... an atomic constructor. I had to think for some time for what on earth this toy could be usefull in outer space :)
To construct.... atomics ! ? :-) I have no idea to be honnest. Looking at the toy it was used to dig tunnels on planets, something like that and looking at the faces behind the windows it must have been fun as well and even girls could do the job ! ( The box learns us more by the way.. fly over land, go over land, digs and makes tunnels :)

Also interesting is the atmosphere inside the commander... the astronauts are wearing their helmets so it was not a very safe constructor ! :-) 

Ok, back to reality now. Made in the late fifties in Japan by KO ( Yoshiya ). To be honnest, I never saw this toy in real but I also can not remember i have seen it often in the open market. I had a knockoff made in India some time agoo but this one is MUCH MUCH better !

The toy is friction powered with a spinning nosesection. the litho is really really cool and is different than many other spacetoys.
The condition is excellent, minor playwear, no dings no broken or missing parts and it really works fine and strong. Even better is the original box. in excellent condition with some restored parts at the sideflaps. Plz refer to the pictures for this..

A spacetoy you dont come accross very often. Rare ! with a great original box !