Russia - Nose Action Robot

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Russia - Nose Action Robot

Well... "Nose Action Robot" is for sure not the original name of this robot, I have to dive into this further but I know the outcome allready... It will be impossible to find out the exact name of this TObor !. The name was given to this robot by my friend Martijn and I like the name. As long as we are not able to figure out the REAL name, we will use this name ! :)

Why this name ? !  well that is pretty simple. The robots on/off switch is his NOSE ! :) you have to pull his nose which comes out then and this is then the ON position. The Nose back in is the OFF position, cool or what. This robot was made in Russia for sure. The robot has the exact mark I also saw on other russian robot. The maker, as for most russian robots, is unknown and I guess that will stay a mystery forever.
The robot dates back to the late sixties and is made out of plastic and is powered by a windup mechanism. the nose works as on/off switch. In action the robot walks forward. I have seen this robot one time before in Brussels ( Xris ). He has one in Brown.
Further this robot was never spotted before anywhere, not in any auction or book.

The condition is of this rare robot is complete and original. The body is orange in the front and a lighter orange color at the back and the arms are plastic which has been chromed. Pink eyes and 2 blue nose things...  :) the robot works fine with all the actions by the way. 
What makes this robot even more interesting is that it comes with the original box !  wow !! the robot is ultra rare but i never had seent he box for this robot... well, here it is ! :)

Love them or not... Russian robots are becomming more and more popular and yes, MANY nice and rare robots were made in the far east. This is the third example I ever saw. Its a rare and very scarce robot, missing in everbodies collection except mine ! :)

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