Muira / Shimazaki - Space Bus

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I still remember the very first time I saw this space bus in auction. It was a few years agoo and an exact same example as this one sold for over 10.000 usd with original box.. WOW !

From that time on I kept my tentacles out in search of this bus because Robby is lithoed on it. Then, a few years later I found out this space bus was made with AND without Robby lithoed on the roof..ahumm. I kept on searching and last year I found finally a space bus ( in Italy of course, where else :- )!! BUT.... Robby on the roof but clear windows... ahhhhhh ( a THIRD !! Variation but more about this clear window bus later ! :)

This bus, the one with Robby on the roof was made by Muira/Shimazaki ( Sounds like a good Japanese meal :) The bus was made in Japan in the late fifties and is friction powered. The litho is out of this world... take a close look and look again.. what a great artwork ! The bus is filled with robots, astronauts, robby, starts rockets etc etc. Its ALL there, what a beauty !

The condition of this unbelievable rare and scarce bus is near mint and some influence from the sun at the back is keeping the bus from beeing mint. The yellow is a bit lighter at the back caused by standing in the sun too long.
Besides this the bus is excellent to near mint and there are no flaws to mention, other than the orignal box is missing but who cares !
This bus must not be in the box, it must be kept on display.

Again A very very rare and scarce spacetoy in its full glory. NOT made in 2 variations but in 3... I have one with clear windows as well and i will list it later !

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