Modern Toys - Giant Sonic Train Robot

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Modern Toys - Giant Sonic Train Robot

Every time my son brings a new friend at home to play with ( he is eight ) we end up at my attic to look at THE ROBOTS that are displayed there. My son is infected just like me and knows most of the robots by name. his friends however have never seen a tin toy robot before and after a few minutes, when they are able to talk again I always ask them THE first question:

" IF ( i dont say you may ) you have to choose ONE robot, which one would it be....
Surprisingly the TRAIN is the robot that is the absolute number ONE.

I think out of 10 children, 4 or 5 would have picked the Train Robot.
Interesting or not, its cool to know :)

( if the kids looked well enough I let them bow for my Gang of Five and then they have to leave and start playing in the real world :) ahaha ( just kidding :-)

Ok, here we go with the usefull information:

Build in the early 1960`s by Masudaya ( modern Toys ) in Japan. This proud member of the famous "Gang of Five"  is the only one of the gang that shares its body with its "brother" but has a totally different head. Train Robot ( called this way because of the sound it makes, whooo whooo, just like a train :)  is equipped with mystery bump&go action, lighted mouthsection, lighted eyes and ears and also the dome on its head is lighted. Train robot was made with 2 different mechanisms inside. The annoying one, who whistles and the better one that makes the whoo whoo sound smoothly... well This is the better one with whoo hoo sound :)

When switched on, the robot starts to explore its surroundings and makes a loud whoo whoo sound and his mouth, eyes and ears blink. Again this is a gangmember with outstanding litho that is never seen again on any robot other than the gangmembers.  

I found this robot in the usa and the robot comes with a nice story. I got the robot from the original first owner and i asked him about the story of this Train Robot...

As a kid he saved for more than a year to buy this robot. It was expensive those days... After a year of saving all his money he was finally able to buy his Giant Sonic Robot... Than, his mother caught him smoking cigarettes and took away his robot.. he NEVER got it back and his mother stored it away and the robot was forgotten.
Many many years later he found the robot again when his mother passed away. He contacted me when he found information about the robot on this website and i bought the robot from him with this fabulous story :)

The condition of this Giant Sonic Train Robot is excellent to near mint.
The robot is complete and all original and the robot works fine and strong. No flaws to mention and really an above average example of this Member of the gang of five... You wont be dissapointed with this example..

Hard to find in this condition !

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