Yoshiya - New Flying Saucer

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Made in Japan, New Flying Saucer. It was manufactured by Yoshiya (KO) It has the famous mystery bump and go action, a very nice lithgraphed astronaut that controls this spaceship with his hands (he moves the levers when the saucer bumps into an
obstacle) There is a very nice rear fin which makes this saucer special, 2 static antennas on the left and right and a rotating antenna on front. flashing lights in blue and red in the rear part of the 'engine' complete the show.

This New Flying Saucer is in mint condition with all functions 100 % working. It comes with original box. There is no rust, there are no dings and the battery compartment is clean and the saucer works as if it was new. New Flying Saucer runs perfectly with a strong motor and flashing Lights. The plastic dome is clear and has no cracks. The litho is very clear and shiny. This saucer will fit perfectly in any spacetoy collection.

Yoshiya New Flying saucer is Scarce and much searched for. Not easy to find anymore in original and working condition.