Horikawa - Piston Robot

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Cleaning up my own attic brings surprises. I always knew I had this robot somewhere but when I put it away, I put the robot and box in a bigger box to make room, but after that I could not find this robot anymore. so yes, a great find at my own attic :-) !!

This partly plastic, partly tin robot was made in the early seventies by Horikawa in Japan. For me, its one of the best late period robots Horikawa produced. How on earth can anybody come up with the idea to put 8 working cylinders in a robots head... BRILLIANT !, I mean.. this is a childs toy !!

In action this robot walks forward with pumping lighted pistons in his head. The body is tinmade with cool litho, the arms and legs are made of durable plastic and so is the head.

I dont have to explain that this was fragile like sjit and not many survived even a week of playing. Therefore the robot was taken out of production very fast, resulting in a hard to find robot these days.

The condition of this robot is new mint old stock. The robot has never been played with. Its new in its original box. works like new, no flaws to mention. The box has great artwork and is original.
You can not go wrong with this robot.

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