Modern Toys - Airport Flying Saucer

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I think this is the first time I saw a spacetoy that is not a spacetoy or is it... ? :) Yes of cours, its a FLYING SAUCER, how much space do you want it to be ;-)
Looks like the alies who piloted this saucer decorated their spaceship with photos of places they visited ;) They were all around the world and the love airplanes, something like that ! ? :)

Ok enough fun now. The saucer was made in the early seventies in Japan by Modern Toys. Its a damned rare and scarce saucer, I never saw it before in the open market. Made out of lithoed tin and plastic. The actions are mystery bump and go, rotating airplanes inside the lighted dome and the outerpart of this spaceship turns around also.

The condition is very good, the toy has been played with but is all complete and original. no broken or missing parts and it works fine with all the actions.

I love the saucer, I dont know why but I think it has something special, its something different then guns, rockets, spaceman and robots.. BUT... its a Spacetoy for sure !

Hard to find, no box for this saucer. Rare  !

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