Horikawa - Super Astronaut Prototype

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Well... what can I tell about this robot. I found it in Italy last year and bought it because it had a near mint to mint box. when I came home I was surprised, the robot turns out to be an astronaut instead of a robot but there was more... I saw in a glance something strange about the robot and then I looked him straight into the eyes.... WOW !
It turned out that I ended up with a real prototype ! Take a close look at the pics, I tried to picture it as good as possible..... Behind the robots mask there is no astronauts face... there are 2 little astronauts, sitting in their controlseats and behind them is a real lighted up instrument panel...

I did some investigation and decided only to list the robot as soon as I had more information and yes, there it is :) Its a late 1970`s prototype, made by SH Horikawa in Japan. The robot was never taken into production and this is the ONLY prototype ever made so its unique. The box was expecially made for this robot but when it was finished it turned out the wrong artwork was used and after that the "project " was put back on the shelves and the robot was never taken into production.

The result is an absolute unique robot. It has the same rotate o matic action as all the other SH robots but the action is inside the head, the 2 little astronauts in control of the robot.. plz take a good look at the pictures...cool or what.

The condition of both the robot and the box are mint. OF COURSE in unplayed with condition and works like new and is fully funcitonal 
 ( I am the only one that played with the robot :) but I know how to handle them. An unique robot, a limited edition of 1/1

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