Modern Toys - Docking Apollo

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The awesome bottomplate of this toy is a real eyecatcher. Take a close look at the pictures, great litho artwork. More important is that this toy shows the combination of reality and fiction.
The landing on the moon combined with awesome spacestations from the fifties. I can not remember I ever saw before such a wonderfull combinantion of these 2 things. This Docking Apollo was made by Modern Toys in Japan in the late 1960`s. The action is great and again you can see here a mixture of old and new... tin and plastic. The module connects to the main module where the main module is totally made out of lithographed tin and the landing module made out of plastic. So this toy not only shows the mix of reality and fiction but also the mix of old an new toymaking, really awesome.

I found this toy Belgium from a collector who passed away last year.
Its amazing, the rare toys I found in that house and more amazing the condtion, all perfect and complete ! and... there is more to digg out there :) !

This toy in action: the rocket is battery powered and drives around on the baseplate and connects to the module. If you take some time to look at he pictures then you can see the action described on the box.

The condition of this Docking Apollo is near mint and it looks like it has never played with ever. The baseplate is mint, undamaged and so are the rocket and the module. All work fine. the box is original and in excellent condition and only shows light playwear. I only saw this toy before but incomplete. This one is like new, never played with, all orignal and complete. No upgrade needed on this one :-) !

One of the best apollo spacetoys with great action and awesome litho, parts and even the box is great, perfect artwork !!

Rare spacetoy that I personally never saw before in this condition.

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