Yoshiya - Venus Robot

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A small box with a ditto robot. Made in Japan in the late sixties by KO Yoshiya. There are several variations known of this robot and among them there is even a red windup variation.
This one was found in Italy where it was part of a huge collection of robots and spacetoys.

In action this robot walks forward and that is about it so COOL actions ! :-)  Batteryoperated and controlled by a plastic remote control that takes one battery !.

The condition is near mint to mint and only some wire burn marks are keeping the robot from beeing mint. ( burnmarks = a chemical reaction between the wire and the plastic of the robot. putting them together for a long time causes a chemical reacktion and the
wire " burns" in the plastic )

The robot is all original and comes with its original box.
A hard to find robot in this condition !

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