Ledy - Mac El Robot Parlante

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This almost 14 inch robot was made in .... Not Japan but in Mexico.
MAQ EL ROBOT PARLANTE - LEDY 1973  ( La Máquina or 'The Machine' ) Mexico Lost in Space robot. Similar to the Remco version but a bit larger.

Lili Ledy was the premier toy company in Mexico and had the rights to G.I. Joe and Stretch Armstrong. Due to Mexican law at the time that restricted imports, Lili Ledy would gain the rights to the toys and produce them in Mexico.  Often wrongly percieved as knock-offs, Ledy toys offer alternative versions of US originals. In the case of MAQ, one wonders why the robot bears no sign of its famous Lost in Space pedigree. 

The robot seems to talk in Spanish by pushing a lever tht works while the robot is in motion It says in Spanich:  Does not comoute. My sensors perceive anexternal threat. Logical deduction.
We have left the Solar System. The atmosphere of this planet is not breathable.  Inside the dome the "spinner" actually spins while in motion A red light spins in the panel below the dome and creates this way a nice sequence. The chest plate lights up, illuminated from behind by a film that plays. The arms are poseable and the robot has bump&go action.

The condition of this robot is very good and the robot seems to be complete. Its working fine with all the actions described here
above. A rare robot, not often seen in the open market, a fragile robot, that is why not many have survived.

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