Horikawa - Mars King

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This great looking robot is a very hard to find one and is therefore missing in many collections. It was made in the early 1960`s in japan by Horikawa. This Tin battery operated Robot with tracks and lighted tv screen and space scene. Siren effect. The space scene is of a Thunderbird TB1 from the Gerry Anderson series.

This robot shares the head with the attacking Martian robots. The shoulder usually has factory touch ups to cover distortions of the metal formed during pressing. The treads frequently perish. The originals were joined together with metal connectors. The robot version appears in the Spiegel catalog for 1968. It was made by Horikawa in Japan.

The condition of this Mars King is excellent to near mint. He works perfectly and strong. Batterycompartment is clean and.... take a look at the pictures.. all those colors inside, awesome detail. I have seen this kind of batteryboxes before on old robots. Its original by the way.

A very hard to find robot ( arent they all :) in this condition. The robot is missing its original box. This one will be hard to upgrade !!

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