Marx - Moon Creature

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If it comes from outerspace then it defently earns a place on this website but it must be made in Japan and made of TIN :)
These mechanical moon creatures were made in Japan in the mid 1960`s by Marx. There were made 2 variations of which you see one at this moment. I have also the other variation listed somewhere on this website.

In action the moon creature can be wound up and then it moves forward with rolling eyes, shuffeling action and opening and closing mouth. Very cute toys that are popuplar these days by robot and spacetoy collectors. 

The condition of this example is near mint old stock with original box. the toy has never been played with. The box and the toy are both original and complete. only flaw is the piece of missing paper on the box. somebody ripped of a pricetag.... not very handy on these old boxes...

These Creatures show up from time to time but mostly missing the box.
Great addition for any spacetoycollection at an affordable price.

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