Horikawa - Super Mars King

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There is one company that made the best robots ever and that is Horikawa. Problem is that they made sooo many robots and ditto variations. I gave myself the task to collect all variatons but I am hunting for many years now and every time again I bump into new variations I never saw before, frustating but.... also fun :)

Few months agoo I found this variation, correct me if I am wrong but its called Super Mars King ( My Japanese is not THAT good :) It has different eyes ( red for Japan ) fly eyes, a nice litho but... there is also an extra door that covers the guns, never saw that before on any other horikawa, very cool and I was thrilled again :)

The condition of this rare variation is excellent and the robot is in played with condition. It works perfectly with all the actions. In action the robot walks, shoots and rotates Very cool to see that extra door in action. An impressive robot that comes with its original Japanese box. Very rare and scarce robot with original box. You will not find this one easily again.

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