Marx - Easelback Robot

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Robot made by Marx / Linemar in Japan in 1957. We all know this robot as Easelback robot but its original name is just: MECHANICAL ROBOT.

I had to look up his orignal name because I never saw the box before but was pretty sure it was originally not called easelback. I always wondered how the robot got its name. I read somewhere that the robot was designed and then the designer found out the robot could not stand on its feed and then simply added a mechanism to keep the robot up. NOT TRUE !!

This robot walks !! ( I hear you thinking, come on, all robots walk, but not true again. ) most robots shuffle forward but keep both their feet on the ground and use wheels to shuffle forward. Not easelback robot, he really lifts up one feet and places it before the other one.
The moment he lifts up one foot, YEP, he needs the rack at his back to keep him up :)

The condition of this robot is excellent. He is complete and all original and he still works perfect. There is normal playwear for a played with robot. no rust dings or any other flaw.
A great robot from the fifties.

A scarce robot that was made in several variations, not sure how many but I will find out :)
Hard to find robot.

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