Linemar - Moon Car Space Ship

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I have actually no idea why this spacesledge was build by Linemar and not by Nomura but I guess the connection must have been big between those companies.  Linemar Moon Car Space ship is the third variation I found of this toy and finally I have them all now :)
It was a pretty long search to find some excellent, complete and working examples of these toys, they show up somethimes in the open market but they always seems to be incomplete.
NOT this example :) Build in the early 60`s in Japan by Linemar. This Moon Car Space ship is the most complex one of the series. Under the clear dome is an enigine running with real moving pistons, antennas, light and turing action. It still amazes me how much detail, handwork and effort was put into these toys but I guess that is why I love them so much.

Besides the wonderfull action underneath the clear dome there is spacenoise and mystery bump and go action and the 2 shields are lighted too.
The condition of this all tinmade toy ( except the dome and shields ) is excellent to near mint. The toy is complete, all original and in fully working condtion. The dome is FREE of cracks. One of the 2 shields has a small crack as shown in the pictures. The batterycompartment is clean, no dings no rust and only very light playwear. An above average example of this legendary sled.
The box is original and also in excellent condition. 

An extemely hard to find spacetoy in this condition. This Linemar moon car will be hard to upgrade, very scarce toy.

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