Horikawa - Rotator LSD Robot

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I saw many many strange and rare robots in my life so far and was almost 100 % sure that this robot was just a joke. When I first saw a this robot I thougth some drugs tripper thought it was funny to replace the astronauts faceshield with a sort of LSD trip visor.  This... yes was my first thought when I laid my hands on this robot.
When I took a better look at the robot but also at the box I knew I was WRONG... this is just an original robot made by horikawa with these funny eyes, just look at the box and you will see there the same robot WITH the same eyes, cool or what :)

His original name is just Rotator Robot, but I was so free to call him LSD robot :) A very rare find and a very scarce robot that you will probably not see around very soon.

This robot was build in Japan and is made out of tin. The condition is very good to excellent but there is a small rustspot on the batterycover. The batterycompartment is clean and so is the rest of the robot. He works perfectly with all the actions. The box is original and in good condition. There is some material missing in one of the corners. I strongly suggest the new owner will have this box restored because the box is even more scarce then the robot itself. Together its an almost impossible to find combination.