Horikawa - Space Patrol

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At first sight this looks like a very common attacking Martian in an astronaut body but when you look again you will see its not a common robot. Build completely out of tin in Japan during the mid 1960`s by Horikawa.
First take a close look at the box... SPACE PATROL !! ?? huh :-) I never saw this type of robot in a box other then attacking martian or attacking astronaut. Second, take a look at the faceshield. Its clear and not like the normal astronauts. also the face is different and yes here we have again a rare variation of this famous robot :)

The condition of this robot is near mint and so is the box. The robot works perfectly with all the actions, no rust no dings or whatever. I dont think this robot has ever been played with.

A rare variation of this famous robot / astronaut in original box. I doubt if you will see this combination again in the comming years.

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