Gakken - Space Capsule Electronics

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In my never ending search for spactoys and robots I found this electronic box and was surprised to find a totally complete capsule kit. Build in Japan by Gakken in the late 1960`s. The box is complete and all the elements are there. I doubt if its ever played with. It was kept in storage and comes complete with the Japanese orignal insturction manual AND a bundle of papers with the translation in english. The translation was also made during the sixties, at least that is what I believe looking at the paper and the letterype:  a typewriter :)

The toy is a sort of electrica kit with an eyeblink to the space race. As I stated before... I found this in complete and original condtion. The artwork on the box is really really great !! I did not test the toy because I simply dont have the time to build this kit together but I am pretty sure it will work because it has never been used and build before.

All Original spacetoy with an awesome original box. All the elements are complete, all the inserts and the box is great.
A very very scarce spacetoy that you will NOT see again a second time in this condition !!