Horikawa - Fighting Robot

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As we all know these type of robots were produced in large numbers and that had a reason... These robots were and still are very popular robots from the sixties. Just when I thought I had seen all variations I bumped into a rare variation that I never saw before.

This version is normally found in brown finish with golden eyes, yellow dome, darkblue litho and tinmade arms and feet. This variation is one of the more rare versions and is hard to find.
Guess what....THIS is also a fighting robot but not in brown but in grey, the litho is not darkblue but babyblue, the eyes are red, the arms are plastic made and the dome is white instead of yellow. I dont have the box for this robot but my best guess.... the box is exactly the same as for the brown version.

In all those years I never saw this variation of this legendary robot build by Horikawa in Japan. The condition is excellent to near mint and the robot is flawless. He works perfectly and I really doubt this robot has ever been played with at all. the dome and chestplate are free of cracks, batterycompartment is clean and he works strong with shooting action and walking.

A rare variation of Horikawa`s Fighting Robot that you wont see again for years ( never saw one myself in all those years )
In flawless and excellent / near mint condition. A rare and scarce robot !!!

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