Yonezawa - Mr Atomic

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Whenever I find a robot it gives me a special feeling but my heartrate went over 170 when I bumped ( and not go :) into this fantastic robot.

Mr Atomic is a special robot in many ways. Produced by Yonezawa and distributed by Cragstan in the golden age in Japan . There are 2 versions known of this unique robot: one in silver that makes a beeping/clicking sound ( this example ) and one in blue which makes a whistling sound. Both the versions belong to the most scarce robots build in the sixties but the blue version seems more difficult to find and is even more scarce.

The reason that makes this robot so special, rare and much searched for has several reasons. In the time this robot was produced the design was years ahead to the excisting robots. Mr Atomic was a very futuristic kind of robot those days and not many children seems to like it resulting in low sales. In short: this robot did not sell very well.( just like the famous gang of five robots by the way). Lets face it.... This robot is INDEED strange, its all head and no torso, or.... is it all torso and no head ?? I showed the robot to my 6 year old son: "nice rocket dad :)"  He did never show much intrest in this robot, he likes it but thats about it. ( buzz lightyear impresses him much more :)

This silver Mr Atomic is an original Yonezawa version in very good condition but there are some things to mention: The dome is original but has a crack on top that has been repaired. The batterycompartment shows some corrosion that has been " touched up" by the previous owner. there are also some touchups on the edge of the compartment and on the inside of the batterycover. Its pretty clear that the robot was left with batteries inside which leaked and caused the corrosion. Still the damage concentrates to the inside of the battery compartment and i have to be honnest, I have seen much worse damage to batterycompartments. The other parts of the robot did not suffer from the corrosion. The robot shows normal playwear and some light scratches. Now for the good part. The robot is all original and complete, the dome, ears, arms, body and mechanism is complete, all original and he works fine with bump & go action, its famous lightpanel, clicking sound and tapping feet.

A very good ( would still rate it at a C7 condition ) original example of this famous robot that belongs in every collection but I doubt if there are enough left. Very rare and scarce robot in any condition.

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