Noguchi - Super Robot

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My collection has grown a lot during the past 2 years and still I focus on battery operated robots and spacetoys but.... I trapped myself by collecting also windups and even plastic vintage robots more and more. Why ? because they are cool too :)

My latest find is this cute little windup Super Robot, made by Noguchi in Japan in the mid 1960`s. Its a wonderfull looking robot with great litho and awesome artwork on the box. In action this robot walks forward and uses his arms also to walk and that creates a strange pattern. There is an antenna on top and in front there are sparks visable. A stunning robot and a must have in any collection for sure ( my opinion :-)

I can be pretty short about the condition of this robot: Excellent with a near mint box. It looks like this robot was never played with before. There is some minor scratching on both of the feet as shown in the pictures and that is keeping this robot from beeing mint. The robot shows no signs of playing except for the feet but I can not imagine a child only played with both feet of the robot......

Of course this robot performs perfect, it works perfectly. A rare robot in this condition with original box. Hard to find !!