Nomura - Moon Car Devision no.3

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Nomura - Moon Car Devision no. 3

Build in Japan by Nomura in 1955 as a reworking of Robby Space Patrol Sled. Advances with mystery action as the inner celluloid dome with tin space ships and a planet spins while the illuminated satellite inside the dome circles in the opposite direction.There are 3 of these sledges that I am aware of. There is also a version without a driver and with different action in the dome, and the third and most scarce one is the sled with Robby.

The action of this sled is really great and it keeps amazing me how they managed to make such wonderfull toys in those days. Plz take a look at the artwork on the box, its really awesome !

I can be pretty short about the condition of this sled: near mint to mint and the only thing that keeps it from mint is the fact that one of the disches has a hairline crack. Its clear that this toy has never been played with and spent its entire life in its original box ( with inserts )

The original dome is 100 % FREE of cracks. There is no rust no dings or whatever on the toy and even the astronaut has the original undamaged helmet. The litho is bright and shiny and I am sure you will never find a better example of this toy again. The box is original and in excellent to near mint condition. only flaw is that there is a small tape repair at one of the sidepanels.

The sled is in really perfect working condition and works strong. The dome is performing perfect with light and rotating action. I was wondering why the green and red light did not work till I found out that there are simply no lights inthere :-) These Devisions No.3  never had working red and green lights, simply because of the fact that there are no bulbs inthere :)

You will never need to upgrade this one. Near mint Moon Car Devision No.3 made by Nomura in Japan. Very scarce in this unplayed condition in original box with inserts.

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