Tps - Mercury Explorer

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TPS did not produce so many spacetoys and robots as many other manufacturers but they made some nice ones for sure.
This Magic Color Dome Mercury Explorer is a perfect example of the creativity of this company. This cute spaceship takes
2 C-cell battaries. When switched on, it hoovers around with mystery bump and go action, spacenoise and a very nice lighted dome with a spinning propellor.

I can be short about the condition of this Explorerer: near mint to mint in original ditto box with !!! the original instructionsheet that tells you to put the toy in a slightly darkened room to see the color dome effects :)  man on man, the Japanese did think of everything :) The litho is bright and shiny as the day it left the factory. the dome is free of cracks, the propellor is original and of course the Explorer works fine with all the actions and lights.

Allthough this is a pretty common seen spacetoy, its not much offered in this condition, all original complete and no flaws. Plz refer to the pictures, a wonderfull spacetoy from the sixties that you`ll never need to upgrade again.
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