Nomura - Tetsujin No.3

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In the age of tin, Nomura was a star. Their 1950's and 1960's tin-toy output contains some of the most well-known character tins of all time, including several renditions of the seminal 'Robby' robot from the film "Forbidden Planet." Nomura went on to produce tins from many classic 1960's series (Mighty Atom, Magma Taishi, and Ohgon Bat, among others); their various versions of the Tetsujin  character are particularly sought-after collectibles today.

I found this original version of Tetsujin No.3 in a box in an old warehousebasement in Brussels few months agoo. I was packed there in lots of paper and plastic with many other unique robots from the sixties. I will not mention them all but in the box I found this example were a drummer robot, conehead, cragstan great astronaut and many many other very rare and scarce robots, all stored there for many many years, left there forgotten...... unbelievable.

I was able to buy this example allthough I forgot to look for the original key so I guess i have to return there to look for it :)

Build by Nomura in the mid 1960`s Tetsujin No.3 is a very scarce robot today and much searched for. The condition is really excellent to near mint. no dings, no rust no cracks to the red plastic tanks at the back of the robot and fully working, still with sparks, wow. !! THe litho is bright and shiny and undamaged. The robot is complete and is not missing any parts. This robot was reproduced in the late 1990`s by tintoy.

Extremely scarce and rare robot build in Japan by Nomura that is only missing its box. Tetsujin no.3 is rare and very scarce and almost impossible to find these days in ANY condition.

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