Modern Toys - Space Sight Seeing Bus

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Please have a look at the shape of this bus, isn`t it great :) then take a look again at the litho and the people in the bus, the details and the colors used, again really outstanding artwork from the Masudaya Factory. What I noticed is that the people all wearing a mask so I guess there was No oxygen in the spacebus :-) At a second look the people all look to me like schoolchildren so I guess it is a schoolbus to bring the children to a spaceschool :)

This awesome spacebus was made in Japan by Modern Toys ( Masudaya ) in the early 1960`s ( 1965 to be exact. ) Driven by the famous Mystery bump & go action, spacebus sound and flashing lights in the tailsection. I found this bus in ANVERS ( Antwerpen, Belgium ) where it spent most of its life on an attic. The previous owner bought it many years agoo at a fleamarket but because the bus did not work anymore it vanished in a box like most non-working toys did and was put on the attic.

When I put the Bus on the "operation table" I found out that the batterybox as loose inside the bus so I had to open the bus for a small batterybox repair. There was a tear in the plastic box that I could easily glue back together, I soldered the wires back again in its place and put battaries in, the bus fired up again and worked perfectly with all the actions and lights.
After a good clean ( there was many many years of dust on the bus ) 
the result was a perfectly working and very nice rare toy from the sixties in front of me. 

The condition of this Masudaya Sight Seeing bus is very good to excellent and all the actions work perfectly and the engine runs strong. The batterybox ( plastic ) has been professionally repaired and is strong again as if it was new. There is minor playwear, a few small spots with paintloss caused by playing during the years and both the sidewindows show a crack, I decided not to replace those because I prefer the original windows and they give the bus a sudden charm. The dome in front of the bus is free of cracks and show only normal wear and light scratching. 

Overall the condition is really great, and the bus is all original and in 100 % working order. I will rate this bus at a good C7+ condition. There is no box, sorry.

These Space Sight Seeing Busses are very scarce and rare and you wont see them much in the open market. Hard to find in any condition.

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