Yoshiya - Radical Robot

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This robot is an icon from the sixties and was build in several variations. Build by Yoshiya (KO) in Japan in the late 1950`s to the mid 1960`s This particular version was made in 3 colors that all have their own name. There is a version in grey, blue and white. The grey robot is called: Chief Robotman, the White is called Mystery Moonman and this version the blue one is called Radical Robot. While the grey version ( Chief Robotman ) is the most common version the white and blue are less common and more scarce then the grey one.

This blue radical robot was build in the early 1960`s and is the more rare version. The actions are bump&go, with a special ( KO ) sequense that features also stop and go, the head turns from left to right while the toplight is flashing and the antennas on both ears spin rapidly. A very attractive robot that is very much alive in action.  This Radical robot comes from an attic ( In Belguim  )where it spent most of its life in a box with other robots... MANY robots :) ( I can assure you :). I I remember correctly there was also a white version ( mistery moon man ) I simply forgot to take that robot because there was simply TOO much "robotimput"  at that time ;)

The condition of this Radical Robot is really excellent. Batterycompartment is clean and the robot works perfectly. Only thing to mention is that the light is not working always. but I dont want to open up the robot for this. This version has the rare dark blue color, which is really beautifull.

A scare robot in any condition. Hard to find.

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