Yonezawa - Sonar Space Patrol

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The Sonicon Spacerockets, build by Masudaya had always my attention because of the brilliant technique that was used in this toys. These rockets can be controlled by sound. Blow on the wistle and change the direction of the toy ( see for full description Sonicon Space Rocket on my site )
Masudaya had several patents on this system and was the only company that I was aware of that made these sound operated toys.

But....last summer I bumped into a pretty big spaceship made by Yonezawa and guess what.... This toy is also operated by sound, it uses the same sort of technique as the Sonicon Rockets of Masudaya. Best Guess: the patents of this system lies by Masudaya. Maybe Yonezawa copied this system in this Sonar Space Patrol but was called back by Masudaya, who will tell.

I still have to do some research on the exact year this toy was build by Yonezawa in Japan but I guess its build in the early 1960`s. not much is known about this Sonar Space Patrol so the question remains.... who build this kind of toys first, Yonezawa or Masudaya.

The actions of this spaceship are really cool. It comes with the original whistle. when blown loud, the lights in the clear dome changes and the ship changes its direction. This way the spaceship can be controlled. Very cool to see in action.

The condition is excellent to near mint and the Sonar Space Patrol seems not to be played with much. I found the toy again in a toyshop in Italy. The seller told me its old stock, cool or what. The box is original and in excellent to near mint condition as well. The box shows a few little punctures caused by a red ballpoint pen. thats all I could tell about the box. Oh and did I mention ALL the original inserts are present ! :-) ! overall excellent to near mint and its the best box I have ever seen in years for this toy.

Yonezawa Sonar Space Patrol is only showing up on occasion and is a very rare and scarce spacetoy. Hard to find in this excellent working condition with original box. 

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