Nomura - Apollo Saturn 2 Stage Moon Rocket

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There are not so many battery operated rockets made in the golden age but this one is for sure one to add to your spacetoy collection. Build by Nomura in the late 1960`s in Japan and it comes in its terrific box with awesome artwork. Yes also at the end of the sixties the Japanese were still able to produce very nice artwork for their boxes.  The rocket is a 2 stage type. It looks just awesome and is made out of tin and plastic. The rocket can be split and both individual parts have wheels and can operate by themselves.

Of course there is spacenoise and there are flashing lights and a spinning tailsection, very nice rocket to see in action.

The rocket is in near mint condition and has not been played with a lot. Its complete and all original and works as if it was made yesterday. It comes with it original box that is also in near mint condition. The rocket works perfect.

Overall a perfect example again of Japanese workmancraft. Highly detailed with beautifully lithographed tin parts.

Hard to find in complet and working conditon in original box. No need to ever upgrade this one.

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