Modern Toys - Space Ship M-50

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I had seen this cute saucer in a book once but never found one untill last summer. Allthough this saucer / spaceship is not that old ( build in the early 1980`s by Modern Toys ( Masudaya ) in Japan, its a spacetoy that you will not see much around in the open market, so I was happy to find one at last. Build out of plastic and lithographed tin this is a rare example of a Modern Toys flying saucer. This batteryopereted saucer actions around the floor with mystery bump&go action, spacenoise and flashing lights.

The condition is excellent and is in gently played with condition. The litho is bright and undamaged, the dome has some light scratches but no cracks. The saucer works perfectly with all the actions. There is no box for this saucer. ( never seen one by the way )

A late build saucer that you will not see much around. A rare find.