Modern Toys - Space Tank M-41 (Green Version)

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The Vietnam war had its influence in the creation of toybuilding in the mid and late 1960`s. This green tank variation is a very good example of this. The military green color of this tank and the more military detailed litho is for sure an eyewink to the war that was going on those days.

Modern Toys Space Tank M-41 comes with blinking lights, rotating antenna, mystery bump&go action and a very nice detailed driver behind the steeringwheel.

The condition of this tank is excellent to near mint and it looks that this tank was an old stock example. There is no rust no dings and the batterycompartment is cristalclean. It comes with its original box and inserts and it works like new.

This green colorvariation is the more rare version of this tank.
Hard to find with original box and original antenna.